Booking Travel & Travel Funds

Booking Travel

When making travel plans, please keep in mind that The University of Minnesota is in the Central Time Zone.

After notification of your acceptance to the conference, you should immediately plan your travel options. We encourage coordination among students from the same institution to minimize travel costs. You are required to ask your department or home institution for travel funding.

If you are receiving travel support, it is imperative that you work with us to make your arrangements to ensure a full reimbursement. Your travel costs must conform to The University of Minnesota travel policies for full reimbursement; there are no exceptions. All flights, trains or long distance bus tickets to be reimbursed by the APS CUWiP at MN need to be preapproved before purchase. Please contact us with any questions at

Travel Funds

We strongly encourage you to apply for travel funds as soon as you are accepted. The absolute final deadline to apply for travel funds is Jan 3, 2019. Please note that it is expected that students obtain travel support from their home institutions. However, if they are not able to cover these expenses, travel funding is available for a limited number of students with significant financial need. If you find that you need to request a travel grant, please follow the steps below. All flights, trains or long distance bus tickets to be reimbursed by the APS CUWiP at MN need to be pre-approved before purchase. Procedures for reimbursement will be finalized and posted here before the conference begins.

Deadline to request travel funds is Friday, January 3, 2019.

Accommodations (for non-local students) and meals will be covered by the conference.

Travel Grant Request Steps


Receive a letter from your department chair explaining that they can't provide funding. This will be uploaded when filling out the travel fund request form.


Research the best option for flights, trains or long distance buses. Print out the itinerary information including the total cost.

Please be frugal with your budget request. We will only reimburse economy flights.


Click here to download the travel budget sheet. Complete this sheet before filling out the travel fund request form.


Fill out the Travel Fund Request form. Upload your letter from the department chair, your travel budget sheet and proposed travel itinerary.

QUESTIONS? Email us at