WiFi Guest Access

WiFi: Guest Access

"UofM-Guest" WiFi Network

Guests on campus may use the UofM-Guest network at no charge. Recent efforts have increased the bandwidth and capacity of this network, but the network has no encryption. As the name implies, UofM-Guest is a network for guests to the University that need to connect to the Internet, but do not yet have University accounts.

After connecting, launch a web browser to accept the Terms of Use to use the internet.

1. On your device, navigate to the area where you can view all WiFi networks that are in range.

2. Select UofM-Guest from the list of available WiFi networks.

3. A web browser will automatically open to a network authentication page. This page explains the terms and conditions you agree to by using the guest WiFi.

-If it does not automatically open:

1. Open a web browser (e.g., Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

2. Your web browser will direct you to a login page.

-If the browser opens to a security warning:

1. Click Advanced

2. Click the option to proceed anyway

4. Check the I accept the terms of use checkbox

5. Click Connect as guest